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A Pathway to Excellence in TLA through in-house CPD
Organisation: Hospitality Training Partnership (HTP)
Type of Organisation: Independent Training Provider
Curriculum: 8. Leisure, travel and tourism
Level: Level 3
Level 4
Implementation Year: 2015
Funding Source:
External Recognition: Learning Consortium Report
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PDF document Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment.pdf


Supporting teacher and tutors to use their knowledge and expertise more effectively to deliver TLA.

After concluding that external providers of staff CPD focussed on the delivery of qualifications, and not the needs of HTP staff, the senior management decided to utilise the knowledge, skills and expertise of its own staff in pursuit of higher standards of teaching, learning and assessment.

HTP brought the teaching and accreditation of the L3 and L4 Certificate in house, and linked it to the organisations CPD programme. It devised its own training and development programme, mapped against national standards and qualification outcomes, ensuring that they embedded the organisation’s needs into the training. It also aligned KPIs, appraisal and monitoring indicators within the delivery of the L3 and L4 teaching qualifications. A dedicated teaching and training team delivered the new model, and were involved in observation of staff. Teachers were fully supported throughout the process, with coaching and mentoring made available to address shortfalls.



  • To ensure a collaborative approach to improvement thereby ensuring that responsibility for improvement was shared across all staff.
  • To ensure that staff qualifications and training are fit for purpose, meet external standards for minimum performance and address the organisation's needs
  • To gain control of the accredited teaching and learning programme back in-house to ensure it better addresses organisational needs.


What Worked Well:

Benefits for Learners: The learner experience at HTP was such that in 2013 a HTP learner was named as the Advanced Apprentice of the Year at the People 1st Awards. Learners achieve consistently high learner achievement and progression, and are very satisfied with their learning experience.  

Benefits for Staff: Teachers are better skilled and teaching staff became to be more comfortable in supporting learners in applying their learning to the work place. Staff also developed skills which promoted learner-centric activities. 

Benefits for Organisation: In the 2013/14 the SAR, showed that HTP now consistently achieves high success in learner achievement and progression. The learners themselves are very satisfied with provision, achieve and quickly take ownership of their learning. The QST for HTP in 2013/2014 was 81.4% (with 656 completers) compared to a national average of 68.9%. The 2014/2015 QSR figure currently stands at 86%

At the last Ofsted inspection HTP Training was awarded Outstanding Grade 1 in every area of provision and named in the Ofsted Top 12 Providers of Work Based Learning report. HTP Training has been shortlisted for the Apprenticeships 4 England Training Provider of the Year (up to 1500 apprentices a year) Award, was assessed as a Gold Standard Provider in 2014, invited to participate in the Hospitality Trailblazer group and won the regional National Training Award for medium sized businesses in 2011 and 2012.


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