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A holistic approach to continuous improvement: a provider’s journey
Organisation: Mainstream Training
Type of Organisation: Independent Training Provider
Curriculum: 7. Retail and commercial enterprise
14. Preparation for life and work
Level: Level 2
Implementation Year: 2015
Funding Source: Not Internally Funded
External Recognition: Learning Consortium Report
Further Information:   Applicability 

PDF document Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment.pdf


An all-encompassing and sustained drive to increase learner success

Mainstream have consistently developed their learning and assessment practice since their original inspection in 2008 and in their most recent inspection in December 2014 received grade 1s in two sector areas: Transport Operations and Warehousing and Distribution.

This success is due to the quality of teaching, learning and assessment being consistently reviewed and developed to meet both learner and sector requirement. The Internal Quality Assurance team (IQAs) and the Operations Manager work collaboratively to ensure that learners understand the learning outcomes and achieve these.

Considerable attention is paid to staff skills and recruitment. Using a matrix of staff competencies mapped to both internal and external quality requirements, staff skills are assessed and priority development areas for all staff engaged in learning and assessment are identified. Staff are recruited from their sector on the basis of occupational experience in their areas of delivery and assessment. As commercial standard machines are used for training, staff are constantly refreshing own skills while delivering training. When training and assessment staff visit learners in the work place, they are able to offer stretch and challenge with functional skills support.






To better address learner requirements
To better address sector requirements
To increase the focus of the staff on the needs of the learner


What Worked Well:

Benefits for Learners: The QSR for 16-18 apprentices is 77.8% overall, for 19-23  it is 66.7% overall and 24+ it is 86.7% overall. Classroom based provision has a 99.8% success rate.

Benefits for Staff: Staff are continuously assessed and thereby receive regular feedback and have multiple opportunities to upskill. They are supported in focusing on learner outcomes. There are clear expectations of them. Linking learning and funding as part of the monitoring and evaluation activities at course and programme levels provided an additional focus for staff.

Benefits for Organisation: Increased learner success, decreased learner dropout; improved organizational processes leading to improved outcomes. A more focused and better trained workforce. 


Further Information: 

For Further Information:   

Who is it for?

  • Other ITPs and providers of vocational learning
  • Employers
  • Learners




Assessment for Learning
Blended Learning
Classroom practice
English and maths
Employer engagement
Workshop Practice


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