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Improving learner outcomes through better monitoring
Organisation: Profile Development and Training Limited
Type of Organisation: Independent Training Provider
Curriculum: 13. Education and training
15. Business, administration and law
Level: Level 2
Level 3
Implementation Year: 2015
Funding Source: Externally Funded
External Recognition: Learning Consortium Report
Further Information:   Applicability 

PDF document Skills Progression Chart.pdf

PDF document Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment.pdf


An improvement in monitoring processes leads to a reduction in early leavers, improved overall retention and higher learner success

Following a review Profile found that learners were not making the required progress, there was too much variability between the standards of lead providers leading to student under-achievement and that there was inaccurate reporting of student progress.

To address these issues, staff recruitment and induction was redeveloped to ensure that there was a clear focus on the learner and their journey, and staff were trained to deploy monitoring tools more effectively. CPD was refocused on TLA skills, while making teachers and tutors experience more relevant to employer and learner needs. Initial diagnostic assessment of the skills of learners were used as a baseline to allow more accurate monitoring of their development throughout the course. Staff induction was focused on the needs of learners.

Profile identified ‘at-risk’ learners at the start of their programme while a skills progression chart which identified training needs of individual learners was created. Progress was monitored at the start, mid-term, and end of training. Profile also developed a monitoring mechanism that would allow the assessor/tutor to monitor, with the learner and the employer, the progress of the learner using assessments submitted.



Improve Learner outcomes through robust assessment monitoring.

  • Introduce an initial diagnostic assessment of the individual learners skills and monitor their progress.
  • Raise our success rates for IT professional apprenticeships
  • Support staff with TLA
  • Develop Staff skills in monitoring and identifying when additional support may be required.
  • Create a rigorous staff recruitment process to focus on the potential staff skills in TLA


What Worked Well:

Benefits for Learners: More rapid and more accurate feedback on progress, Fewer premature leavers, Improved progression, Improved learner success:


Provider Achieved %

National Average %

Business Admin



IT Pro



Customer Service



Supporting Teaching and Learning




Benefits for Staff: 

  • Improved CPD linking professional knowledge and TLA
  • Clearer requirements in terms of occupational knowledge and professional standards


Benefits for Organisation: 

  • Improved monitoring of staff performance
  • Improved student retention and performance


Further Information: 

The skills diagnostic could be adapted to monitor any project or situation which requires progression over time to be evaluated

For Further Information:  

Who is it for?

Other ITPs and providers of vocational learning



Assessment for Learning
Other (please specify)


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