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An outstanding observation process – the key to outstanding success.
Organisation: Thurrock Adult Community College
Type of Organisation: Adult Education
Curriculum: Whole Organisation
Level: Non-Level Specific
Implementation Year:
Funding Source:
External Recognition: Learning Consortium Report
Further Information:   Applicability 

PDF document Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment.pdf


Thurrock participated in a Joint Practice Development (JPD) project with Southend Adult Community College to improve its observation technique. Broadly speaking, the JPD work resulted in a consensual observation process. It starts with the observee agreeing to participating in a supportive coaching relationship to develop teaching skills. The observee is involved in the planning discussion to help set the focus and decide which aspect they would like to be observed. This is followed by a post observation meeting in the form of a professional dialogue, led by the observer but with the focus set by the observee. Staff value this approach and the emphasis on development rather than ‘performance measurement’.  




What Worked Well:

Benefits for Learners: The college has really good in-course and end of course survey with returns of 80-90% positive and frequently 100% positive learner satisfaction.

Benefits for  Staff: Staff value this approach and the emphasis on development rather than ‘performance measurement’. It has lead to the emergence of communities of practice resulting in greater engagement with the whole process of teaching and learning. The result is a staff with very good teaching and learning practice who share ideas and approaches in a collegiate, collaborative environment. 

Benefits for the organisation:

  •  It is seen as a worthwhile investment in professional development by the College and gives a far better return on the investment than training courses or conferences.
  • it has resulted in a college observation profile with very few observations graded less than good.
  • the observation process has provided more robust evidence of improvements in teaching and learning, and clearer goals for training and individual target setting for the teaching workforce.


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