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Preparation for Life and Work
Organisation: SEEVIC
Type of Organisation: College of Further Education
Curriculum: 8. Leisure, travel and tourism
Level: Entry Levels
Implementation Year: 2014
Funding Source: DfE supported internship trial in 2012-13
External Recognition: Learning Consortium Report
Further Information:   Applicability 




PDF document Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment.pdf


The College’s Supported Internships programme, focused on employability, has learners one day a week in College studying English and maths at a level which is appropriate for them, which can include GCSE, functional skills, or work related pre-entry level English and maths so learners can function in the workplace. In addition, all students do an employability qualification, with some also doing personal and social development. The pre-entry learners who are 20 year olds undertake non-accredited studies but are still able to sustain work. The majority do functional skills.

In addition, the college also offers roll on roll off internships  for students, including some 16 year olds, who have found learning in a traditional classroom very difficult, have statements and prefer practical, hands-on learning. The college ensures that they are working towards focused outcomes of either employment or voluntary work. 



To develop a teaching and learning internship-model focused on employability which would help learners take their first steps into work.


What Worked Well:

Benefits for Learners: In the first year, 10 out 15 learners moved into part-time or full time employment. In the second year 20 out of 30 learners progressed to part or full time employment or on to apprenticeships. One hearing impaired student, who had been turned down at interview 8 times, was able to sustain employment through the programme. Supported internships offer a way of breaking down barriers to employment and improving Equality & Diversity for SEND learners.

Benefits for  Staff:  Job coaches are empowered to promote learner success. They facilitate the relationship between parents, employers and students.

Benefits for the organisation:The number of learners accessing supported internships has substantially increased year on year and the college aims to maintain or improve on their impressive 75% progression rate with the current cohort of learners.


Further Information: 

This model and successful development of a supported internship programme by a relatively small FE college could be adapted by other colleges, Adult and Community Learning and independent training providers committed to improving employment opportunities for their SEND learners.

For more information, please contact:

Who is it for?

The supported internship programme is for learners with SEND who are ready to take their first steps into employment.

Foundation/LDD programme managers, teachers and support staff who are interested in improving apprenticeship/employment opportunities for SEND learners.



Assessment for Learning
Blended Learning
Classroom practice
English and maths


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