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Supported Internships for Learners with Learning Difficulties
Organisation: Plumpton College
Type of Organisation: Other
Curriculum: Whole Organisation
Level: Level 1
Implementation Year: 2015
Funding Source: Internal
External Recognition: Learning Consortium Report
Further Information:   Applicability 

PDF document Excellence in Teaching, Learning & Assessment.pdf


Obtaining employment is challenging in the current economic climate for learners with specific needs such as learning difficulties and/or disabilities (LDD). The ‘Supported Internship programme’ was developed to prepare young people for the real world of work and instil learners with a sense of confidence that they were real contenders for employment opportunities.

In the first college-based phase of the programme, students’ awareness of working life was raised in terms of the responsibilities, challenges and opportunities. As part of this process, five employers came into the college to talk to learners about business and what a good employee looks like. The following week, the students visited the employer in the workplace to witness for themselves how professional people act, wear and communicate, reinforced by classroom discussions. Six-month work placements were arranged for the student, with a possibility of paid work at the end of the placement. A job coach was assigned who gave an appropriate level of support to each student. All students were supported in their placements.



  • To familiarize learners with the world of work
  • To increase the employability of learners with special needs
  • To familiarize employers with the skills of learner with special needs


What Worked Well:

Benefits for Learners: In the 2013/2014 academic year with 10 out of 20 students gaining paid work while on the course or within 3 months of the end of the course

Benefits for  Staff: A greater focus on outcomes for learners

Benefits for the organisation:


Further Information: 

For Further Information:

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Employer engagement


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